Ayo just rip my heart into pieces and we can probably be friends






Heavy…. heavy,


Well with that being said that same age group should have to auto retire from political office, because the policies and laws they’re instituting will impact a future they will not be apart of

i fucking love this.

This is so stupid, it’s not like older people automatically get more say with their votes, every vote is one vote, just because you don’t go out and vote doesn’t mean you have the right to take away another persons right to vote. Jfc.

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am


I can’t believe I haven’t posted these yet #magnets #magneticpoetry #turndownforwhat


I can’t believe I haven’t posted these yet #magnets #magneticpoetry #turndownforwhat


i’ve waited so long to find this again. and I will reblog it 3895721273 times if it’s needed.

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Never trust a survivor,” my father used to warn me, “until you find out what he did to stay alive.

Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard (via brivid)

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